Sabre First Aid Training at Basildon Sporting Village

Sabre First Aid Training Now At Basildon Sporting Village

New venue for Sabre First Aid Training! We at Sabre are delighted to be using a new venue right in the heart of Basildon. Basildon Sporting Village is a £38m leisure venue built in 2011 within Gloucester Park and was … Read More

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Stopping a bleed when someone is taking warfarin

4 Steps To Stop Bleeding For Someone Taking Warfarin

There are many types of anticoagulant drugs available but Warfarin is quite a common one in the UK. Often called a ‘blood-thinner’, Warfarin is really an anticoagulant – meaning that rather than thinning our blood, it acts to make the … Read More

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Why cough cpr is ineffective and what to do instead

Don’t Share The ‘Cough CPR’ Myth: Here’s Why

Have you seen this circulating on Social Media? If you haven’t – here’s the gist of it circa 1999: This one is serious… Let’s say it’s 4:17 p.m. and you’re driving home, (alone of course) after an unusually hard day … Read More

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